I dont usually watch movies online. In fact, I never have.

Im not getting anything on surfthechannel.net which my friend uses.
Ive seen requiem, but I want to watch it with my friend tonight, im sure I can watch it somewhere.

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you could search for it on ovguide.com
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Just a heads up, be ready to feel depressed for a whole day after you watch it. Thankfully I watched it at night, so I just went to sleep right after watching it. You know a movie is good quality when it is able to have such an intense emotional impact on the viewer like Requiem for a Dream did.

EDIT: I believe the type of site that you're looking for can be found by typing 'watch-movies' on www.google.com
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OVguide is the way to go.
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Seriously, I'm pretty sure posting links to possibly illegal websites is against UG rules. I'll leave it to the mods.

LOVE that movie! You must go buy it now. It's probably only like 10 bucks you cheap bastard.


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