i have a dean vendetta and a peavy vyper 15w amp, whenever i plug my guitar in it makes a loud buzzing noise that only stops when i put my finger on some of the screws, its not my amp because it doesnt do it to my other guitar, just this one, what shoudl i do?
Is it really loud? If it isn't, then its just normal guitar buzz. If it is really loud however, the guitar could have a grounding problem.
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check your cable that happened to me and that was the reason, or you could check your cable jack on your guitar
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Sounds like a grounding issue.
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you could be too close to your amp, i sometimes get buzz when im close

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It sounds like earth buzz, caused by a badly grounded/shielded cavity.
touching the metal hardware will stop the buzz because your body is used as a path to ground.
although check with a different cable, it could be that.

If you open up the control cavity of your guitar it should be lined with a blackish paint or copper foil. if it has a pickguard it should have a silver foil lining on the back.

Look for any loose wires. there should be several wires that are soldered to the volume pot. the pot casing is used for grounding. one of these should come from the jack socket.

google for a wiring diagram and make sure everything is connected.
Ground issues with the guitar. Amp is cranked up to full volume and the gain is cranked up all the way?. A bad cable. Any one of a number of issues.

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hmmm... that means something may have a loose connection if moving the equipment solved the problem.

I hope it doesn't come back for you