my band plays both classic rock and metal, i already have an amp that sounds fine for the classic rock, but it sounds kinda crappy when i play metal. so i wanna get a new one for Christmas.

the kind of guitars i have are an epiphone les paul standard, and a jackson.

im also thinkin about getting some effect pedals, but im more worried about the amp for now. so my price range is about 300 dollars.

oh, the kind of metal we play is like 80's heavy metal, not like slipknot or anything XD
Will you be gigging?
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What's the current amp you have?

I say save a bit more and get a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60, which would cover your whole spectrum of sounds.
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@ Jak: yes, occasionally, but they're small gigs; just little parties.

@Raijouta: its a Crate V somethin
Slipknot is not metal. It's not even heavy.

I've heard some marshalls are good, but if you really want to get a good amp, go to the store, pick a good sounding guitar and test amps with it.

Offtopic: If you like 80's metal check out Burn (swe)
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