Alright, so I've got a recording problem. I have a Mackie Onyx Satellite Audio Interface, and Tracktion 2 for a DAW. I have recorded on it quite a lot, last night in fact, and have never had a problem. My band was going to record today, so of course it stopped working.

Here's the deal: Mic -> Satellite = Good. If I just go from the interface to the headphones, I can hear the mic, and everything is working the way it should.

The computer picks up the Satellite, and I can hear the output of my DAW from the Satellite, exactly like I should be able to.

However, there is a disconnect between the input from the Satellite to the DAW. I have checked everything I could possibly think of, but the DAW does not pick up any sound/signal coming from the Satellite. I have tripled checked the wires and the buttons on the Satellite, and everything on the computer that I could think of, but nothing works.

This set up has been working fine for a few months, and was working about 12 hours before I noticed it had stopped.... Any help/advice is VERY much appreciated. Thanks!
similar situation, recording on my own fine, try to do it with band, blew my soundcard :L
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Have you tried to re-boot the DAW?

Quite a few times, I restarted my computer too.
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Well.. I got it working... threatening it helped ^.^

Haha.....did you show it the "Factory Adjustment tool" (Hammer)......