Hey guys,
I'm Ben im new to this forum, also quite new to bass playing. Had my bass last christmas didnt really play much but then the last few months got together with a few mates and started up a band, we have a gig week to today in fact.
Anyway just wanted help on different types of bass strings as i have the standered strings which came with my bass and soon our band hope to try some heavy metal but when i tune to drop C the E string almost slaps me in the face (slight ex adjuration)
just wondered if someone could recommend a set of strings, my bass is a fender squier and its a 4 string.
Any help would be awesome
Thanks Ben
Get a thicker gauge of strings.
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No, its not because the numbers you see, the "guages", are a measurement of how thick the string actually is, so going by that logic, the higher the number, the thicker the string. If you want to down tune alot, you need thicker strings. Maybe something like a .110 or so for the E string.