Okay. I frequently save and upload Guitar pro tabs and learn them through Guitar PRo, but when i was looking at the details of one song it said: "it's MIDI import". Now, can someoneplease briefly run through this with me? I've been googling MIDI but it still doesnt properly answer my question: What does the poster mean by this? Thanks, Coco-loco
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Might mean the song was imported from a midi (.mid) file. This usually results in poor fingerings.
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Funny thing, I read the title as A TAB confused...
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midi is a language first used as a common language for synthesizers but is now used with pretty much all programmable music. GP uses midi to generate the music sounds and the .gp5 file is just a midi file with the tab attached. If you import a .midi file into guitar pro it will generate a tab but the fingering and timing may be represented wrong on the tab but the notes are right.
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