hello, im not an amzing guitarist, but new pickups in my explorer got me back into a little recording. the recording is done with a headset mic. . i supply alink ot my myspace, and dont worry, its not a plug my band thing, i dont have a freaking band!
i ahve a thrashy thing, and a progression with my face chord in it!

please any hints and tips, or any advice, i feel like im strugging atm.
its pretty good. although it is a bit repeatitive. id say maybe learn some more techniques like sweep picking and stuff. or maybe a new scale like harmonic minor, hungarian minor, whole tone ect. you dont have to limit yourself to just one scale. please take everything as constructive critisism also. that guitar looks pretty sexy even though there is only a picture of the emg

would you care to C4C?
hey man, your playing puts me to shame, how can i offer constructive critisism on something that surpasses me!!
i think one thing, is that i ahve been band less for a while, and thats a reall knock on my confidence, also i cant play along with songs, i just get it wrong. i ahve been playing for 6 years, and dont have much skill to show for it.