I have an Ibanez rg, fixed bridge. I already have a seymour duncan jb in the bridge position, so my question is, do you think the guitar would sound good with this pickup in the bridge and a Dimarzio PAF-Pro in the neck?

Edit:To clarify, the jb is giving me a very warm bassy sound, surprisingly nice on clean. i figure that the paf will be a good complement because it is nice clean, and has good mid's. and since they are both fairly hot, they might work together well, and will be nice on distortion. if not, i guess i'll just do the standard jb/jazz combo. if i don't get straight answers, i'll just blow the cash i don't have and get both and experiment
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Yes, PAF Pro, Breed, perhaps. But don't limit yourself to DiMarzio and SD. There are great pups around like the BKP Abraxas, Irongear Rolling Mill or Hot Slag.
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