You always said you would do the right thing
not turn away and ignore it
not back down and do nothing
you always said this

when the time came to do something
when the time came to do the right thing

how would you feel if someone did nothing
nothing to help you
how would you feel
helpless, deserted, abandoned

someone else will help
someone else will do the right thing
this is what you think to yourself

this is what everyone thinks
but with this mentality no one
NO ONE will do anything
that's whats wrong with this world

we need to break away from this
we need to stand up and do whats right
no matter the cost
we need to help those in need

let me know what you think and thank you for taking the time to read it.
my advice is be more ambiguous and less cliche. these communicate your feeling clearly, but they are not interesting just because they are so basic and straight to the point, feel me? you gotta add metaphors and similes and allusions and imagery... try it out man, you're only gonna get better.