this guy is ****ing amazing. He is definetly one of my heroes. Anyone else know who he is?

for those of you who dont, this guy has gone all over rural Pakistan and built schools for the last two decades. he has devoted his life to this, he sacrificed his job and quite a bit of his family life to do this good deed. I highly suggest you read 3 cups of tea, its his story.
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No give us the low down on this guy, you can't expect to throw a random name in without a brief description and expect us to make conversation.
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i just added it

Man, that stuff must have been intense. Too bad he never gets to see his son.
I've read his book, and his story is one of my favorites of all time! Im working with a community service club at my school to host a fundraiser for his organization
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Hm, seems like a good guy. Since he pretty much devoted his life to it, I guess I could give a kind word.