I want to lean how to make my guitar squeal when i play a solo, and everytime i read about it it doesnt make much sense please someone helppppp!!

Pinch harmonics. They're a pretty easy concept. Youtube it, but I'd suggest watching more than one video so you understand the concept. They're a little difficult at first but well worth learning.
Hold the pick so that only a bit is sticking out between your thumb and fore-finger, then, as you pick the string, let it slide lightly against the side of your thumb pad, but not so much that it dulls the string. That's how it works. It's easiest on the 3rd, 5th, and 7th frets to start out with.
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it's weird to learn and i dont really think that any youtube videos (atleast the ones i've seen) explain it 100%. Once you get it once, you'll pretty much have it down though. Just practice until you get it.

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You can typically do them on almost any fret, you usually just get it sounding clearer by hitting a better place on the string.
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Watch some youtube vids. You'll probably realize it's something you've been doing by accident all along and should be able to put it to use when you want once you see the mechanics. It's all about how you hold the pick and how you strike the strings- you need sort of a "digging" motion so that the thumb touches the strings and changes the way they vibrate after they've been picked. It's tough to explain in text form, just search youtube for "Pinch harmonic lesson" and you'll get tons of hits.

The factors which will increase your success and make a cooler sound include use of very high gain, turning up the treble on the amp, and using vibrato with your fretting hand when you do the technique with your picking hand. It's tough to get them on the 6th string the way Killswitch or Lamb of God do all the time, but put some time in and you'll get it. They tend to be easiest on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th strings around the 12th fret to get you started!

To get you started:

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