please suggest an amp for me. tube amp, 500-700$, i play blues and classic rock, zeppelin is my favorite. some metal, like black sabbath and metallica. dont let the metal part limit suggestions. i can get a pedal so suggest any if you would like.
I think it really depends on what you like. I'm partial to Fenders.......I have a 15 watt Blues Jr. and a 40 watt Hotrod Deluxe. I like the clean warm tones...........and I have pedals for anything other tones I may need.
Maybe a Marshall
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Maybe a Marshall


way to be a bit general.
go fer teh MG

an amp needs to be voiced for metal, but i tihnk a blackstar ht-5 would do you pretty nicely

or a blackheart handsome devil

or a fender superchamp XD(moddeling tube amp)
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Are you looking for a head or a combo? A used JCM800 would be in your price range.
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are you gigging? will you buy used?