So I got a jackson js30rr and when i got it it was only available in red, the store told me it would take something like 10 weeks to get the black one in so i just went with the red....I was never a huge fan of the color so latley ive been thinking on just spraying the guitar black.. What i was wondering..i know im supposed to sand the whole thing down and stuff before i paint it..but what if i dont? what if i just paint over the existing finish?

or if i just sand off the clear coat and use the base paint for a primer
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That'll work. Scuff sanding the clear will allow the next coat to adhere properly. Make sure you follow the correct process so it'll look as shiny/pro as what you're envisioning it.

Read up on Painting tutorials, read them at least twice. When you think you got it, read them 2X more!

Check out the various links here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=542726

Good Luck!