I was surfing the web for some lessons on building speed,when I came across a site that claims,"With just 20 minutes of practice for 2 weeks,you can play as fast as zakk wylde,yngwie,etc." I was just wondering as anyone acually used this,or is it just another scam? Heres the link http://www.guitarburningspeed.com/

just look at the site, it's complete shit

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of course its a scam. Do you really think you can develop the muscle memory and strength to play as fast as yngwie in 2 weeks?
"if you are practicing the wrong things, you are actually going to get worse at playing guitar!"

maybe if you're practicing chopping off your fingers?
Ha! it's a pretty funny load of shit at that.
Nice find, though... I bet that guy would luuuuv to take your money for his dvd... does make me curious what's on it though.
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No. I have many guitarist friends and the only one who got fast quick was taught personally by that guy who runs full page ads in Guitar World promising speed in little time. It took my friend a few months, but he could shred some. He said the guy didn't teach any technique though, just how to play fast.
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That site just reeks of bs. If you wanna get better do the 21 day challenge for free right in this forum, besides I listened to the sound clip and would NEVER want my playing to sound like such wankery as his. With that said this site will guarantee results and is free!

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Tremolo pick a string. There. You're playing fast. That's the only way you could get that fast that quick
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...besides I listened to the sound clip...

Seriously. Listen to it. Technique-wise alone it sounds horrible. Very undefined, unprecise, off timing, weak articulation. Just all around bad lead-playing, and that's supposed to be your inspiration to pay these guys money? Lol.
Do you seriously have to ask if this is a scam? Can you get burning fast guitar speed in 2 weeks? Yes, but you would have to sacrifice all of your accuracy. When it comes to guitar, everything except hard work is a scam.

I don't know why people are so obsessed with speed. In my opinion, it's much better to be accurate and slow, than to be sloppy and fast.

For future reference TS, there are no quick fixes to any learning any instrument.
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lol listen to the guys demo clip! definitely noob phrasing, probably some of the worst phrasing ive heard actually, and guess what! i'm not hearing speeds in the realms of mab, yngwie, etc on that demo. i can play faster than this guys demo clip and im still a far cry from being a super fast guitarist. this is brutal
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lol, based off the fact that you could hear his voice was disguised and the solo was a mash up of 5 maiden solos, a obvious scam.

there are hundreds of these dotted all over the net, the only way you are going to learn anything is through practice and/or proper lessons tailored to you, face to face with a local respected teacher.

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Ha! it's a pretty funny load of shit at that.
Nice find, though... I bet that guy would luuuuv to take your money for his dvd...

So so true. Wouldn't say it better!
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How to play 'Phrased' Pieces

He can't play a phrased lead himself, how could he ever teach you how to play phrased leads...

there's something burnin' about that site... oh yeah, the burnin' odor of bs.
The lay-out itself is horrible and crappy, the guy talking sounds like he has a cold, the demo is crappy and awful, and the page is filled with lies and scam...

As said before, only practicing hard for a long period of time will get you to shred and if you want to take shortcuts there's only one: a metronome.
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Read this!You know you really want to...

Has not taken his own course or is he just deaf?

Some of the worst "speed playing" I've ever heard. Not to mention, where's the speed?

Not only hilariously scammy, but it makes a great case for never wanting to play fast again.
hmmm.... you can definitely get tremolo down, and if you spent like twelve hours a day, you might be able to move around the strings a little, but there's no way you would be able to develop a fretting hand in two weeks. This is assuming you're starting with someone who can't play guitar. If you were already able to play at a normal speed, did a few 'secret exercises' (yep they exist lol), and practiced nonstop, you'd make a lot of progress in two weeks.
Maybe you could play like them at their speed on ONE SONG with maybe an hour of practice for 2 weeks just playing that solo straight no breaks and practicing but on anything?

Abosultely Not. Takes months and years to develope that musculememory depending on your musical background and current skills.