Been looking at the Randall G3 RG75 and RG100. RG75 comes with 1x12 and RG100 comes with 2x12. Is their any difference in sound or volume? Im going to be playing with a full band and going to be bringing it back and forth.(My practice place will be 2 houses down) Is there a huge amount of weight between a 1x12 cab and 2x12 cab?


the 100 will be louder because it is a higher wattage. it will be heavier too but you could easily put wheels on either amp and roll it 2 houses down. i personally like having more then 1 speaker because you get better bass response.
Ah OK. What about for bedroom playing because i wont be able to crank it till i go to practice so how will the 100W 212 sound at low volumes?
i have no idea about that amp. i guess as long as it has a master volume you should be fine. or maybe just wait until someone who has had experience with this amp reply.
It will sound fine at lower volumes cause its solid state.
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