Hi, newb here. I've had this Ibanez RG120 for about a year now that I play intermittently. I've slowly been getting to know the instrument and I've come across a few problems that are causing me a lot of irritation and I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers. I'd be grateful for any tips!

1. The frets buzz. no matter what kinds of strings I use, standard or heavy gauge I get this damn annoying buzzing. Sometimes it's caused from the placement of my fingers, and lack of strength. Other times, no matter how forcefully or perfectly I place my fingers the frets buzz. I'm really having an extremely hard time playing bar chords because of the buzzing.

I've looked down the profile of the neck and it looks very slightly concave, that is to say it is closer to the strings on either end, and further from them in the middle.

Is this normal or is it what I get for buying a made in Indonesia guitar? Is there anything I can do to correct this?

2. Tuning. I just restrung the guitar with some thick gauge strings today and I run into a problem where, once I get the top string tuned to E, by the time I get to the high E string and tune it to E, the top will be totally out of tune by a step or more. So then I tune that back to E, and then when I finish tuning them all and get to high E again, low E is back out of tune. Ad nauseam.

After much of this, I finally manage to get it somewhat close to tuned, the tension in the plate the strings attach to is so high it's bent up at a severe angle that just doesn't look right. It's not a floyd rose tremolo, just the cheapie version, and that sucker is sticking up at at least a 30 degree angle and it just looks wrong, like it's going to snap.

Is this from using the heavy gauge strings?

Thanks for any advice to this clueless newb.
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Take it to a guitar shop to get a proper setup. If you are totally clueless as you say, let a pro set it up. You likely need to adjust the intonation which may be tricky if you don't know what you are doing.
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