The song is called Informal Sanctions. It may be Progressive Metalcore, I don't know.

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I personally don't really like metalcore too much, but I listened to the whole thing, and it sounds pretty good.
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A metalcore song that's amazed me...
What I like is you've made the 'open string riff' sound original and those soft bits and epic solo parts really get me, mix that with some GOOD screams and clean vocals and it would be amazing.
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This is damn good song.

It like...inspired me to try and write a song like this now.

But, on to the critique; It's starts off with an extremely melodic, yet technical riff.

I don't know how you get the rhythm guitar to change keys without it sounding bad in bar 6 to 10 or so, but good job.

The transition into the heavy part is done well, and doesn't seem to really have a..for the lack of a better word, jumpy feel.

I usually dislike the 3-2-0-1 type progressions, but this one was decent, and didn't bother me all too much.

Starting at bar 28 is where it kind of drifts for me, I never really like chunky slow progressions like that, but, that's just preference.

The 3/4 to 4/4 riff after that is excellent, especially since I'm a "I don't care if its generic, if it's catchy, it's good" kinda guy, so I really like this riff.

I'm a sucker for harmonized octave chords so kudos, you found my soft spot. Excellent variation with them.

I don't like the harmonized leads after it too much though, I don't know why, I usually find those good, maybe it's too slow for my tastes, I don't know.

The sweeps after it are orgasmic, seriously, I'd love to be able to play those.

Clean afterwards is amazing, it slows down and it's not boring at all.

The HUGE chords after that are good, but, would seem kind of hard to play.

Ending with the clean brings this amazing song to an end.

9/10 definitely.

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You did a great job!
Overall it's awesome. I like the open structure of the song alot. The clean part is very cool. a bit less generic the the usual clean interlude. And then bar 110 the octave chord part.. awesome. I too really like octave parts.. it really touches me. It's fantastic.

the intro tapping is cool but needs a bit more variation. The tapping follow up (the low string tapping) fits great.
I don't really like the 3-2-0-1 part. feels to generic (but bar 28, when it's the breakdown part feels brutal enough )

Bar 36 rocks. Really nice harmony. I just love those riffs
Same for bar 44 .. such awesome flow.

You should spice up the drumming. much too generic, more variation.(maybe it's just my taste) same goes for the bassline.

anyway, great job
this song has much potential.. hope you got a good vocalist

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I liked it but I did not like the chromatic riff. I don't like metalcore at all but you did a great job. The intro was great, sounded like BTBAM to my ears. Added good riffing and the solo was epic. The clean part was great too. I have nothing else to say that this was one beautiful piece of music. Take off the breakdownish part, it did not fit in not at all. But overall awesome job. if only all metalcore was like this, this reminds me of insomnium times to times...


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nice job man, if you can play all this your one hell of a guitar player. that aside i liked the song, my only issue is the second part the the 0-1-2-3 style breakdown. i didn't think it fit the song. other than that it was cool.
I ******* hate metalcore but I just listened to a masterpiece. Everything was 100% perfect and it sounded orgasmic. 10/10 I love you