no favorites but enjoy many albums
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no favorites but enjoy many albums

Same here, but I think I enjoy Insecticide & Bleach a good amount.
in utero and the collection that came out (1st one)
may i inquire when you started listening to them?
how long ago?
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in utero and the collection that came out (1st one)
may i inquire when you started listening to them?
how long ago?

Last year, around March or April. I was looking for some easy songs to play and Smells Like Teen Spirit was one someone suggested to me, so I listened to the song, then I just started listening to some of their other stuff and evolved from there.
yeah they definitely had some chemistry playing music together
i started listening to em 6 years ago
have you ever got the chance to find the outcesticide collection?
yes they're my favorite band for a year now. IMO anything but nevermind is awesome. some off that record aren't bad its just i don't really like pop. Incesticide, Bleach, and In Utero ftw. boxset aswell.

anybody heard Marigold - Nirvana? its excellent and Kurt actually sings clean.
that's actually dave grohl singing marigold, if i'm not mistaken.

when i was 14 years old, this band was my life. i probably listened to in utero 12,000 times, non-stop, in my stereo everyday, all day. no doubt, they played an integral role in my development as a music fan and as a music maker.

sometimes i like to think about what kurt cobain would be doin' today, and in my more forgiving ponderings of the man, i like to imagine he'd be up to his knees in projects, loving this decentralized state of the music industry. i know he was about to collaborate with michael stipe before he died, which would probably have marked the beginning of his creative exploration. it makes me really sad that he's gone now and also the way Nirvana™ has been sold off, but i'm also really glad that people like you are hearing it and keeping the legacy living.
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I love Nirvana. I've been listening to them since I was 6, And have loved them ever since.

My favorite album is Insecticide, and also Bleach, and I also kinda enjoy Nevermind :faceslap:

BTW, I'm pretty sure there was already a Nirvana thread, but meh

Anyways, Kurt was an awesome man, and I for one, believe he was murdered, because of many things but I don't think we wanna get into that, unless we make a seperate thread just about that haha

PS: If you do, I better get credits mo ****ers.
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