I made this video a while back top ten best horror movies for halloween night and I wanted to know what people thought were the top ten horror movies for Halloween night. Im excluding all the obvious ones like Halloween, saw, Jason, Freddy, etc. I want movies that are rather independent, obscure, or just not super mainstream. So the Halloween season is over but that doesn't mean I am done. I want to just know from everyone, what is your top picks for Halloween night horror flicks. Remember don't have to be the best of all time. Just good for that one night at least.
I just have to say, Paranormal State was not that scary, it was just awesome.
Misery, Psycho, end thread
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A Halloween thread in November?

Thinking ahead, I like it.

Nah I know its November. I'm just saying I put up that list back before halloween. But I just wanted to know even though its out of season. What are peoples favorite horror movies. Horror movies aren't just for Halloween ya know.
Children of the Corn is best
I also liked The Descent, a lot of good shockers in it