I'm in the market for new pickups for both of my guitars. One of them is going to be kind of shred/rock/alternative oriented, while the other is going to be a drop tuning beast on which I play mastodon, baroness, lamb of god style stuff.

The main problem I have with the second guitar is that it is extremely muddy and fat (even in standard tuning. its made out of basswood). This is probably also because of the cheapo pickups I put in it. So I've been leaning towards Seymour Duncan for that one but want suggestions as to what you guys think would be best . Its set up as HH.

The second is an Ibanez S-series, I just want something to swap out with the stock pickups. I'm thinking an air norton somewhere in there, but don't know what else I want. It's HSH.

Thanks for any input/suggestions!
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Basswood isn't the best choice for a low tuned instrument. Its a softer wood compared to most other tone woods, and it has a lot of bottom end. So much that it can be muddy when amplified. I have an RG made of basswood, and try as I may, I could never get it to sound good in B, where my mahogany Schecter sounds great in B.

If you want to try it anyways though, I'd recommend Dimarzio's for the basswood guitar, since they seem to be a bit brighter than the Duncans to my ear.