1999 MIA Fender Standard Stratocaster #N940288

Bought on Ebay for $670.00 USD. Guy I bought it from was wonderful, and did a great job with the packaging. So, without further ado, the pics.

Hm.... What's this?

Oh my, what a beauty!

Faded Sexiness.

I love it...

Legit Fender...

Legit MIA...

My Parker Hornet couldn't make it for this picture with the Strat and the Epi DOT Studio

The neck is an absolute dream! Cool hardcase, too.
looks pretty nice man. how does it sound??
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HNGD! Strats. Best guitars in the world. It's funny how different pre-2004 models are.
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Wow looks really nice. HNGD.
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sunburst is definitely the best finish for strats!! nice posters too!

and what branch are you in? im a recent EASer myself

edit: im not a complete dumbass, i just didnt notice your bedspread right away

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Thanks everyone.

To answer the questions, it's plays WONDERFULLY! Sadly, I don't have an amp, but playing through my POD Farm and Line 6 UX2 on all the Eagles Hotel California mods it sounds amazing! You get that classic Fender pluck when you really drive it home on the bridge pickup. I can't put it down!

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Nice, the darker sunburst with the black pickguard looks especially sexy
Warning: The above post may contain lethal levels of radiation, sharp objects and sexiness.
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sunburst with a black pickguard my favorite! actually any burst with a black pickguard... but you know lol very nice! just needs a black toggle cap
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