but really I'm kinda tied between econ. picking and string skipping, both things I would like to get better at
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i really like tremolo picking, like black metal tremolo picking. it feels good.
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ilike 2 play alot of economy picking mixed wit playn basslinez/rythym together,so it mks me feel like im playn wit a bass player n maybe another guitar player @ da same time even if im da only one playing
my favorite technique is searchbar

on a more serious note, i dont view techniques as what is my favorite and what is not, i simply do whats needed to express myself or what i think sounds good. what i practice the most, probably just general picking and stuff, nothing special. also, vibrato.
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My favourite techniques?

Reporting trolls
Reporting multis
Reporting spammers.

... oh wait. you meant GUITAR techniques.
hmmm. Maybe hammering. idk.
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Favorite techniques? The basics - alt picking, bends, vibrato, legato, palm muting, timing basics like subdividing the beat and accenting, rhythm of course. You get the basics down well, and that's what makes you a good enough guitarist to play the stuff you want to play.
inb4 vib--- damn.

Phrasing and note choice (if that isn't technical i don't know what is)
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Phrasing and note choice (if that isn't technical i don't know what is)

Actually that technically isn't technical, IMO. It's not common to come by, and is certainly extremely important to sounding good, but I don't consider that ''guitar technique.'' Seems more like musicianship skill, which one might consider a technique, but oh well.