Or maybe you uploaded the wrong file. It happens to the best of us...

But if this is you're actual song, GTFO. This was very standard and conventional, nothing experimental or groundbreaking about it. Nor was it all that interesting. I do like plenty of dance music, mainly Rancheras and old-school Spanish/Mexican folk (Vicente Fernandez FTW).
Although it's not the same as waltz, it is on the accessible dance/polka pop level.
This did nothing for me though. It's more akin to blues than the waltz, so I goes this whole tangent of dance/folk/pop is null.

Next time, don't use misleading titles. It's really annoying and possibly grounds for a warning/ban.
That and this thread is bordering on trolling.
Erm, okay, so it really wasn't about what the title said.

Anyway, let's see this waltz of yours: it's not a waltz because it's clearly not in 3/4. I'd say it's in 6/8.
that was kind of prickish of you huevos. how bout you tell me what I can improve instead?
Quote by shanchu
that was kind of prickish of you huevos. how bout you tell me what I can improve instead?

Read the rules.
Authority is there for reason. That reason is usually sodomy.

Yes I was being a bit douchy, but I don't like false advertisement.
Since I'm not into pseudo waltz, I can't really help you. Idk what you're expecting.

I'm not the absolute purveyor of avant-garde (I consider myself more a connoisseur and I use that term loosely), but it's a bit insulting to find something more along the lines of 12 bar blues, an overdone concept.
The overall idea of waltz with some avant-blues (Captain Beefhart is the only definitive artist in that genre) could work.
My suggestion: listen to some avant-garde jazz/blues, with some standard stuff (of both genres), and learn the general motifs of the waltz (3/4 swing is pretty big part of it).
Come back with a new song.
This could take a while, or you might instantly snap something great together.
When you do, PM. Then I'll give you a more open and considerate crit.