Hey you guys. I've read a couple of reviews and it sounds like a good guitar. I've searched websites, but on all of them it says it is discontinued. I own an Ibanez S540 and want a fixed bridge dual humbucker guitar. I can pick one up for about $400 used, will try to go down to $350 which is a decent price here in South Africa.

Yay or nay?
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I have one and IMO it's great - although TBH I havent't played too many other guitars. I find it really comfortable to play, the neck is pretty different to most other Ibanezes (fatter and painted, with smaller - more like a Gibson?), but I prefer it to my other Ibanez's wizard II neck.

It's also dead pretty, I love the shape and the finish (which colour are you looking at?), although the quilted maple probably won't be the best quality, it still gives a great subtle effect.

Because I doubt many of us are familiar with prices in SA, what else is in your price range for comparison?
Have you thought about blocking the ZR trem? It will feel more closer to a fixed bridge and you'd be able to change tunings without worrying about setting the bridge again and also it's much cheaper then buying a whole new guitar.
I want a whole new guitar and I love the Floyd (it's not the ZR, it's the Lo-Pro, the guitar was made in '91) BUT only when playing certain songs. No use for having a trem in songs you don't use a trem.
Ibanez 540S, Randall RG50TC, Blackstar HT-DISTX, Ibanez TS-808