hi, i was recently in my local battle fo the bands comp, and i was looking back on the videos, and i noticed how VERY little bass my amp had at ALL compared to the other guitarist in my band, we play in drop A, tbh i dont really like that tuning but my other guitarist uses a 7 string, so havent got much choice, anyway, check out this vid please, its an original by my band http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK_DMsyR4DM and could someone give me some tips on what they reckon is the problem and how to fix it, coz the bass is up high on my amp

EDIT: im the one with the 6505 with the led's the randall cab and the red ibanez mtm. if you listen at 52 seconds onwards its just me playing that so u canhear just my guitar
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i can't even hear you in the mix. maybe some mids will fatten up your sound and let you come out more in the mix.

otherwise it may just be me because i'm not really into metal but some sort of melody in the singing would probably work better then a bark.
Turn the bass down and turn the mids up, bass frequencies are the bass players territory, let hin take care of them.
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