I'm turning 21 and I want to stock up on some drinks because I like making different shots. I was wondering what some of the most common drinks used in making shots were. I know that coffee liquer and irish cream are a must. So please, fappers, tell me.
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Captain, with a spritz of Captain, just a touch of Captain, and polish it off with Captain.

OK, no, in all seriousness, Captain.
cant go wrong with vodka or rum. doesnt matter what kind really they are crowd pleasers. certain people may like different kinds of said booze, but really people will drink what you give em. you should probably get some jack too. maybe zambuka. fireball is another good one people like. tequila is something either people seem to love or hate. its good if you do it right. but im not going to go over that right now.

oh and i dont care what anyone says, pornstar shots taste great.
ljad vodka tongiht, and that golden stuf with gold in it, and beer, and beer poing. and a bunch of other suff, if yo want to be funny lik eme, then VE LIKE ME AND STUFF LIKE THAT! you'll vbe funny N D ALMOST GET SOME
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theres a drink my buddy made called a Metalhead. you take one shot of vodka and jagermeister and put it in a rum and coke and down it all it one go you get so wasted
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get vodka and captain. you can mix those two with pretty much anything
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Vodka + the ingredients you previously stated + milk = White Russian.
Tomato Juice + Vodka + Salt and Pepper = Bloody Mary.
Orange Juice + Vodka = Corkscrew.
Cranberry Juice + Vodka = Cosmopolitan (considered gay).