For some reason, everytime i plug my guitar into the amp i just hear a huge fuzzy buzz noise no matter if i turn the volume up or down on my guitar, i cant hear a note that I play while this buzz noise is there. I tried using another guitar into the amp and that works - any idea what the problem could be ? also this happened when i was randomly playing and then the guitar suddenly 'conked out' and stopped working, any ideas?

- I tried selecting differant pick ups on the guitar and this noise is still there on each pickup selection.
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You've probably got a loose solder between your input jack and your pickups.
It's most likely that the ground wire has come loose of the input jack. This can happen if the jack is loose and gets twisted around.
What guitar is it?
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ESP HORIZON NT-II, is it easily fixable? and yeah that might be it coz i sit on my bed while i play and the imput jack lead gets knocked about because the bed is really close to the guitar when i play it and it sometimes gets knocked about