No idea what it is called, but it sort of looks like a claw when you use your thumb to play the bassline and index/middle/ring to play the other part of the chord.

New to jazz guitar and fingerpicking, so I'd like to ask a few questions:

1. Do you use your nails to pluck the strings when you "claw"?
2. Do you use your fingertips to fingerpick or do you use your finger pads
I use finger pad I guess, I go a little bit past the finger tip so I can pull the strings kind of hard to make an accentuated poping noise, but experiment with it to see what works best for you there is no correct way....
there are generally 3 ways;

1: pick all the strings with the pads of your fingers, doing this will give you a softer tone but will make more complex things more difficult.

2: pick with your nails, this will give you a sharper and more defined tone and will make complex patterns easier

3: you can also play "hybrid" using a pick for the bass notes and fingers for the treble (using either pads or nails)

it's all a matter of taste, personally i switch between 1 and 3(with pads) depending on what sound i want.

Edit: i assume you will be comping or at most using a walking bass, you wont do doing any complex arpeggios.
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