A very odd combination of Trance techno and Guitars, please check it out and tell me what you think.

You might notice some of the tune sampled in the background, if you do... you are my hero.




This was all on one guitar take btw, so I probably need to redo it and take out some mistakes, but oh well. If you guy don't like it I might just take it down and forget it.

Later, fellas!
i really like the techno bit and your guitar tone is perfect for this, but i think soloing for the whole 5:26 is too much. and the soloing kinda stayed around the same frets the whole time.

maybe solo for a few bars, hit a slightly different theme with the techno bit, do another solo...and if it were me, id take the guitar down in the mix just a little, but keep it if you prefer that the way it is.

i like techno if its done right and i like what you are doing here! what program did you use for that? and you could hit the link in my profile and crit mine?

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