Has anyone heard of him?

I have known about him for a long time from his work with the band Hella on their album There's no 666 in Outer Space.

Although he played bass on the album, I recently discovered that he is a very talented guitarist.

A solo piece
(starts of very slow but picks up about half way through)
Performing with Zach Hill
his band or something.

And some of his bass work (I apologize if it is hard to hear the bass in any of these songs)
Hella - Ungrateful Dead
Hella - World Series
The Advantage - Kraids Lair
(It is a simple bassline, but it is a fun song that I felt like sharing )

Anyway, he is just a good musician that I felt like sharing.
amazing, amazing, amazing guitarist and bassist, discovered him recently, those two first videos are pure gold.

In which projects does he play guitar? I know he's the bassist in Hella.
sorry to revive an old thread but does anybody have a place to get tabs for the first piece?
You can find the tabs on his tumblr blog sitecarsonmcwhirter.tumblr.com. Song name is 'Watchers'.