What the **** is it supposed to be about?
For those who haven't seen it, its a random guy who trys on all these pairs of sunglasses and makes stupid comments about each of them (for example, he tries on a pair of 70's sunglasses and says 'groovy man' or something to that effect) and then at the end is the theme song for Magnet Mart.
Magnet Mart is a hardware store.

There's blood in the water
Sinking, always sinking

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that hardware store has a theme song?

Yeah, the music plays in the background then it goes "START SMART, AT MAGNET MART"

There's blood in the water
Sinking, always sinking

The second ad makes less sense. The same guy gets out of a car, grabs a worn out suitcase, walks into Magnet Mart and picks up a pair of red sunglasses, puts them on his head and says "YOU MISS ME?"

There's blood in the water
Sinking, always sinking

i think its implying he's a tool.

EDIT: slightly reworded.
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I have yet to see this ad.
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Link? It sounds hilarious.

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it'd only be shown where they have stores, which is quite a small area according to their website. ACT and southern NSW. there's so many terrible ads now though. those youi ads annoy me the most.