Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a new guitar soon (I will probably have a budget of around £600-£800)
I have been looking at the Schecter blackjack atx c-1 (not too sure on whether or not I really need the Floyd Rose) and also the Ibanez RG2550e (looked into it and the z bridge, which is more epencive is apparntly not as good as the edge pro??)
i'm open to all other ideas, but these 2 guitars seems really dam good

so if you guys could give me any feedback on these guitars, or prehaps suggest other guitars within that price range, it would be very much apreciated

oh, currently playing a cheap lp rip-off through a voxad15 (not looking for a new amp, I don't gig, and I love the tones I can get out of this lil beauty), I like to play everything from blues, to metal, to rock ect . .

well if you don't need a floyd rose, i would go with a schecter hellraiser, the non floyd rose one of course, i have heard its great for everything,
Schecter Hellraiser
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Dude, hands down, go with the Schecter Blackjack ATX C-1 if you can, FR or not!
Perhaps even the 7 string

The Ibanez is good too.
And I for one have heard nothing but bad things about the Edge tremolo systems, or at least the Edge IIIs.

Perhaps check out the ESP Ltd 1000 series?
Dont get any of the 400 or 500 series guitars that have tremolos, stick to the string-thru ones.
Perhaps the MH-1000?
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