Ok so i bought my guitar for $300AUD 3 years ago including an amp, dvd, strap etc. so the guitar itself costs about $200 along with a pickup and inbuilt tuner. So i realised the other day there was a crack stemming out from the gap where the saddle fits in, over the last few days this crack has grown until a part has snapped off meaning the saddle no longer fits in...photos attatched.

I imagine i could put it together using glue but imagine it would be a cheap and temporary job. This guy at a guitar store said it would cost $100 for them to fix which is half the price of the guitar. So my question is is it worth fixing myself or should i just fork out the money for a new guitar, i'm happy to do so but if fixing it is an easy job then im open to it.
Note ive had no experience whatsoever fixing/customising/building guitars.

Summary: Bridge is broken on $200 guitar, how much to fix? worth fixing or buy a new one? in the photos the white thing is the saddle and the brown thing the snapped wood, im sure u can tell but the photo is quite average
PS sorry if this is wrong thread but it seemed the right place to go?
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