Hey their,

My band just completed our first song the other week and we have done a recording today. We recorded the instruments all at one time, then put singing in over the top as our singers amp isn't powerful enough to be heard clearly over the rest of us.


We would appreciate some feedback towards the song. Thanks.
Note that this in no way is because of the junky recording. First off, "Metal" rap? Come on. Its not metal, and its not rap. Second off, the music you wrote seems to be built for a decent singer, not a screamer, (which by the way he barely was). If you're gonna scream go all out. I think that if you got a Anthony Kiedis type vocalist it would be much better.
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Those vocals really are horrible, they're way too loud for the rest of the track, the guitar is too quiet, and the vocals are desperately in need of an EQ, a better mic, and a different vocalist...

Sorry, but if it was carried out a bit better, I would listen to it, but it's really pretty awful...
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Metal? I can see how it could be seen as the kind of "metal" that Rainbow used to play. Nah, this is hard rock at most. The vocals need to be more laid back for this kind of music so lay off the "I'm really angry" style for the verses. The "chorus" also needs something to lift it, some harmony vocals might work even if there's not really any real melody going on.

As far as the songwriting goes, I think you could easily cut everything after the guitar lead. The bass really needs to vary a bit more to keep it interesting. I get that this is vocally (or more accurately, lyrically) driven but unless you have a few nuggets of variation the listener will tire. This is especially true for the chorus which needs more harmonic movement to distinguish it from the verse which is all one groove. This harmonic movement can easily be supplied by the bass.

Since this obviously wasn't properly recorded I won't comment on what needs work about the mix.
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sorry dudes, this song was a fail


Ok. Awful riffs and it's boring, it should be faster trashy/punky style to make those vocals fit it. I can't get it why u hate so much vocals. I laughed my head off listening to this xD.