I realized that I posted this thread in the wrong section, so here it goes again (I hope I post it right this time, hehe)

I just bought a Line6 Pod X3 and I'm trying to use it along with POD Farm - this is where the trouble appears.

I have installed every single update/driver there is to my X3, via Line6 Monkey. When I open POD Farm (the lastest version ofc) there is a message at the bottom of the program saying:

"No authorized device connected. POD Farm cannot process audio".

The thing is that the computer and Line6 Monkey can find the X3. Even POD Farm can find it, (I think), because when I click "Help" -> "Hardware and driver settings" there's a whole bunch of options for the X3, so it's obvious that POD Farm knows that my X3 is connected.

Did I mention that the X3 is connected to an integrated USB 2.0 port on the motherboard?

Hope you can help me, anything is appreciated. Cheers!
I'm 100% sure that I don't have the ilok version.

I've reinstalled all the software (POD Farm, drivers for x3 etc.) but it still doesn't work.

When I start up POD Farm there is this message:

"No compitable Line 6 USB device have been detected.

Run POD Farm as if the following device were connected"
and then there is 12 options (no POD x3 tho) to choose between.

Guess I'll have to contact line 6
I had this a couple of times with my L6 GX.

Unplug the device and re-install the drivers.Then plug it back in.When it's detected it may prompt to install drivers then follow through.If a,"Windows" windows pops up at any time asking a list of options choose to cancel and then try and choose to install from a a list.It's been while since this happened so I'm a little unsure of which way round I got it right.
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Just checked quickly and I don't think the pod x3 is compatible with pod farm]

EDIT: Scratch that,says its available to X3 owners so no idea

According to this page it is,


but that shouldn't be the problem :/
I realized that I have the standalone edition, how do I get the plug-in that is needed for my X3? It looks like you get both standalone and plug-in in the same install but I can't find how to start the plug-in. The shortcut that's created in the install is for the standalone only.
Unless you took advantage of their free download offer which I also missed you have to buy the VST version.Can't you use the Standalone version as I do?I don't see much advantage to the VST version.I record wet a lot on my tracks and there's loads of good free amp sim VSTs about and cab impulses if you want to record dry and then try and get a guitar sound.

These guys make great stuff,


Recording dry and applying amp VSTs later doesn't really work for me and truth be told I reckon most recording you hear are Wet and Dry mixed even in pro recordings and Podfarm allows me to do this anyway and I have used that sometimes.
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Idea.They upgraded my Toneport GX to the Studio GX.There must be some really cheap Toneport GXs around somewhere.Absolute bargain.
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