So I have an acoustc guitar passive pickup on the way just ordered. I assume I need a pre-amp in order to get a decents ound from it when DI'ing.

So I was wondering, even though it is not explicitly described as a preamp... would something like this do the trick? http://www.behringer.de/EN/Products/AM100.aspx

Please dont lecture me on behringer though, Im a poor student!
I've been here since '04.

That pedal won't do it for you...its a pedal designed to make an electric guitar sound acoustic...not to EQ your acoustic guitar. When I play acoustic...I mainly use my onboard preamp...but I've also seen people run a EQ pedal before the DI box...just so they have a little more control over their sound. But if you're DI'ing...the sound engineer is going to control a majority of your sound. So I'd look into an EQ pedal and/or mixer if you're worried about controlling your sound. And Behringer makes great mixers, so you could look into one of those