So I have an acoustc guitar passive pickup on the way just ordered. I assume I need a pre-amp in order to get a decent sound from it when DI'ing.

So I was wondering, even though it is not explicitly described as a preamp... would something like this do the trick? http://www.behringer.de/EN/Products/AM100.aspx

Please dont lecture me on behringer though, Im a poor student!
I've been here since '04.

Or maybe this Behringer ADI21 would be a better investment?
I've been here since '04.

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but the ADI21 would work better imo. i had a boss acoustic simulator, didn't get acoustic tones out of it. and most of the time boss and behringer sound pretty close stock
No, I don't think it will work as a preamp. That pedal is designed to modify the sound of your electric guitar so that it sounds like an acoustic guitar. It isn't meant to replace a direct box. You will need a good DI like a SansAmp or a Radial DI...something along those lines.