This is an older song I made that I revised some, I really like it, it's a little different from what I usually write, reminds me of "Deliver Us" era of Darkest Hour.

*In the middle of writing bass*
Song 1.gp4

Yes, poop.
Listening to it there its a bit 'meh' but its a well writen song that i think will sound really good played with a proper band.
the taping in the intro is boring, I'd leave that out.

transition to verI is nice, transition to verse II doesn't work properly and the verse itself sounds ****ed up because you use 8th notes and 8th triplets at the same time. Will sound horrible in an actual recording, I guess

Chorus is okay, I liked the post chorus and the following riff, although I see some great rhythmical possibilities here with the last 6 notes of bar 34. Play around with it and try to change the emphasis to another note:

All in all this song is nothing special, but I don't like metalcore to begin with. I guess the song can be quite good, but there's nothing that motivates to listen to it a second time.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1227338

edit also, your user title is wrong :/

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It sounded a little too much like Demons in my opinion. I think your sharing some of the same chord progressions or something, I don't know.

I liked the tapping in the Intro.

I didn't like the lead in Verse 2.

The Chorus was amazing, nice job here.

The Bridge/Interlude was a bit boring, not bad though.

Post Chorus/Break and on sounds like Demons way too much.

For the sound, 8.5/10. But since it sounded like Demons (to me, anyways) I'll give it a 7/10.
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Yes, poop.