What would your death row meal (i.e. the last meal before you died) be?

I would have a quarter pounder (not mcdonalds) containing onion rings sauteed onions, pickles, lettuce mayo and a tomato slice with bbq sauce and traditional chips (well im dieing anyway right?).
A tall glass of full fat milk.
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Red Bull-It gives me wings.
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The finest fillet steak. about 7 of them, cooked rare.. with an array of sauces and thick cut roasted chips.

Also a class of extremely good Coke with a few ice cubes.

I'd be playing Pink Floyd - Devision bell .. the entire album. During my meal.

Then Crank up AC/DC - Highway to hell for the voltz
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chicken wrapped in bacon with melted cheese on top. there would also be crispy potatoes and pasta on the plate

hot damn my mouth is watering

Sushi or a curry. That way when I die and shit myself the smell will more than likely take some of 'em with me =]
An entire pot of chilli.

I wanna explode.

I'd make it myself.
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Mushroom risotto, a little antipasti platter,a nice chunk of Chateaubriand and a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-pape.

I'd be happy
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2 large pieces of lightly battered, freshly caught coral trout, 4 small, fried dim sims, 4 potato scallops and a big plate of hot chips
cyanide... so i can beat those f.uckers to the punch, that or som hash brownies cos sure ill die, but ill probably be laughing...
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Then Crank up AC/DC - Highway to hell for the voltz

I would play Ride the Lightning

1.Ranger Burger

2.Potatoes mashed


4.French Fries from BK and various other fast food resturaunts

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C4. imagine the mindfuck when a man in the electric chair levels half the building.
-Orange Chicken with a side of rice (playing Jambi)
-Banana Cheesecake for Desert (Playing Wings for Marie pt 1 and 2)
Plastic explosives....

Hopefully im getting the chair. So when i go out...EVERYONE goes out.

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