I would really love the open back cab that comes with the 2 channel dual rectifier, because I hear it results in a better acoustic sound. Which I do play every now and then.

On the other hand, I would much rather have the 3 channel one. But "of course' that one comes witha marshall cab.

Im not much of an amp wiz. So I thought Id bring my decision here Mainly Im asking, how much different would the marshall cab sound than the open back cab. and, how much would I be missing out on if I got the 2 channel instead of the 3 channel.

*Please ignore the price on the amps. The price does not matter to me*
From what i've heard, 2 channel recs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 channel recs
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get ze dual
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haven't played the two channel one, but i am getting a three channel. personally i wanted to be able to have a seperate rythm and lead sound so three channel was better for me anyway.
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