I'm playing guitar for a Christmas event in my hometown, and I'm currently finishing the song to be played. The on thing I'm not happy with is my tone the drive on my amp just doesn't have the power to knock the audience off there feet. So to deal with this problem I have decided i need a new pedal and I've narrowed it down to three. First the digitech death metal. Second the boss metal zone. And lastly the Boss Metal Core. I need to know what would work best and give me a good norse black metal sound and would work with solos, also I have an old amp I think from the 90's or 80's and some pedals can give it terrible noise. Which would be the best?
Normally I'd suggest a new amp if you don't like your distortion. Both of the boss pedals you have mentioned are pretty horrible. I haven't played the Digitech. Maybe look for a metal muff used? They definitely sound better than the Boss...and can be had pretty cheap.
digitech deathmetal..is horrible

al hail the metal muff!
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the top boost is a nice thing to have, and it has the EQ that the micro doesn't have
i'm on facebook, and myspace so I'm used to just putting things down. O.K. I'll look into the metal muff.
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tl-2 looks like crap also

It's miles better than anything you mentioned in your first post. The Hardwire series is fantastic. If you're considering things like the death metal pedal, then I don't really think your ear for tone is quite developed yet.
I just go by what I've heard and the music store thats close has nothing so i go by what i've heard. the hardwire adds are terrible and make them look pathetic.
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Which amp are you actually using?
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Dont get the digitech deathmetal, it has a really thin trebley sound that would never pass for death metal distortion.
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I just go by what I've heard and the music store thats close has nothing so i go by what i've heard. the hardwire adds are terrible and make them look pathetic.

The adverts?
You're going by the adverts?

Lets have a nice analogy here. You would buy a pair of shoes, if they looked good in the advert, but didn't fit your foot?

Maybe you find adverts particularly persuasive, but I generally wouldn't say that they are the best thing to go by.

So, by following the ads a Marshall MG is great because Zakk Wylde uses it, right?

Screw the metalmuff, I hated it.

Some pedals you should look at:

Blackstar Dist-X:


Hardwire TL-2


(Click Tight 1)

TC Electronic Nova Drive


Tech 21 Sansamp GT-2


Skip to 4:01

Radial Tonebone Hot British


The Hot British is being used in both the rhythm and lead guitar parts. I asked Radial. Make sure you listen to it all though- it doesn't get to a good rhythm sound untill you hear "THE BEAST!".
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This, a million times. This.

I agree, get the Blackstar Pedal
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all of these thing are really heavy. I need something thats reasonably heavy but is more suited for norse style black metal with soloing.