Asking for a tidbit of advice on a purchase I have the opportunity to make.

I was offered a "blue" (we all know it's purple) MIM Strat for a tad bit short of $300 (total with shipping would be $296). The usual alder body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard (yes, I know maple fretboards have a legion of following here, but oh well), and mother of pearl pickguard.

So, here's where the customization/question comes in. It's equipped with a Seymour Duncan Hotrail (bridge) and two Seymour Duncan Duckbuckers (mid and neck). Normally I'd jump all over this, because the pickups cost over half the total price if bought new, but.....

I was originally planning on getting an HSS, but this offer attracted my eye. I'd like to be able to cover a wide range of tones, but the question is: will a hotrail be able to pull off a convincing Soundgarden/Nirvana-esque tone? Yes, tone is mostly in the amp, but I'm leaving that out of the equation for the moment. This is just a simple question concerning pickups/guitar.

To paraphrase:

Will a Seymour Duncan Hotrail be able to pull off a convincing Soundgarden/Nirvana-esque tone? Also, do Duckbuckers produce lighter, strat-like sounds?

Sorry, if it would've been more suited for the Guitar Gear & Accessories forum, I couldn't really decide where I wanted to post it.
You should like it.
At the very least, I *think* the MIM strats all share the same body - meaning there's a humbucker rout underneath the pickguard if you wanted to go to a full size humbucker later on.
above poster is correct, all standard strats have the humbucker routing, so you could just sell the hotrail and get a normal humbucker

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Yeah, I mulled over that option a bit. Just wasn't sure I wanted to venture in to changing the pickguard and installing a new pickup. I'm trying to be a bit on the cheap.