This is my new song Frozen Wasteland. I guess its a progressive/metal type of deal, not exactly sure. Anyway, you'll probably want RSE to get the full effects of it, but I guess it works with MIDI too. Let me know what you guys think.
Frozen Wasteland.zip
sounds pretty cool man

At first I kinda thought, well, this is getting a bit long without really outstanding parts, but for some reason I still kept listening to all of it

I think you have some killer parts in here, and even though it is a tad long, I still think it's really interesting..

In my eyes it could use some vocals to keep everyone's attention, and a little more variation in the repeating parts, so that it doesn't drag on too long

all in all, pretty cool stuff,
I'd give it an 8/10 for the ideas and everything but with some little upgrades and a little more versatility to make it more interesting it could be a 9/10
I thought the same thing...ha. It is pretty long. I'm going to work on vocals and such later. Thanks for the critique though.