What Are the diffreneces between the S Series and the RG Presitge models?
Are there Pros and Cons for both the model types? Im probably getting an RG2550Z
By next Week so be expecting a NGD From me. I just want to make sure im not missing out on anything from the S Series.


Can someone also tell me how to keep the tremolo arm on an edge zero in its place so it dosent keep dropping.

the S series is great, especially lower end it always trumps the RG, however onc eyou get to the prestige series I'd say its personal taste, body wood, trem, and 22/24 pickups.
the 2550 is an awesome guitar.
i think the biggest difference is going to be with the body size and fret number. the trems won't be the same, but they're both pretty solid and reliable so you shouldn't have trouble with either as long as they're set up correctly.

i had an SA series a long time ago and was never too much of a fan. mostly because of the vintage style trem, so you won't have to worry about that. but the S body is very comfortable, but i'd sacrifice that for body wood (basswood) and the trem (original edge, on my guitar). i'd take a prestige RG over a prestige S, myself.

EDIT: and as long as the guitar's in a climate controlled environment (your room, maybe) it should be fine for a couple months.
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Will i be able to leave the guitar in its case and carboard box for atleast 2 months?

It'd be better you didn't, but the guitar wont break lol. Why would you have to leave it for 2 months?
They are both fantastic models. You really have to play them and judge by that, as I definitely find they have very different feels.

The trem arm on my RG2550z can simply be tightened by the nut at the base of the arm to hold it in place, if that's what you mean. Or if you mean internally, proper set up and the stop bar keep it stable and keep it from dropping.

On a side note, a feature that I really enjoy with the edge zero trem is the stop bar. With it in, the arm has solid stability and I find this is better for general use. However, if you want to get into all the crazy Steve Vai stuff and the tricks, take the bar out and you can get more sensitivity and dynamics (for lack of a better word) out the bar's use.
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the edge pro arm is held in place by the two white teflon washers at the base of the arm (order a pack of 100 from your ibanez dealer) i replace mine approximatly every 8 to 10 weeks, they`re easy to take off but a bitch to put on
Would the neck warp if say i kept it in a garage or cupboard should i get a humidifier i need to keep becuz my parents wont let me use it till i get some more money i need like 100 pounds.
keep it in the house at this time of year, a humidifier adds moisture to the atmosphere and that`s the last thing you want, if you are buying new there`ll be a sachet of silica inside the case to protect it from moisture.
Well why don't you do the smart thing and put the guitar on layaway at the shop?
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No pros and cons of those guitars, only differences.

I do find that the RG2550Z doesn't sound like a traditional RG with the ZPS in. It's much brighter and tighter like a fixed bridge PGM. It has a much sharper attack. I found that a little strange, not bad, just different. You can still get that classic RG tone if you take the ZPS out, but then you lose out on sustain since the sustain block is so small. If you want traditional RG tone, I would go for a RG1550M or a RG1570. They're the same quality, just different inlays, bridges, and finishes. I actually have a RG2550Z and I'm getting a RG1550M soon because I also want the classic RG tone. They're both great, just different.