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"Passion" to me is an empty word that I put as a standard feature on CV's. As much as I like, for example, playing guitar, I'm not sure I would say that I'm "passionate" about playing. I can think of instances where I would become bored of the guitar, at least for a certain time. I would not say that "music is my life", although I'm sure a lot of people would (and do).

Same applies to my university course. When I was writing my uni application, the co-ordinator kept telling us how important it is to convey your passion about the subject. I was under the impression that you had to absolutely cream your jeans at the slightest mention of your area of interest to even stand a chance of getting a place at university. I can't really say I feel this way about studying.

Can any of you say that you are truly PASSIONATE about something?
Aye, silly words are silly. They make you sound too enthusiastic and over-willing to do this and that.

I'd just love to be honest and say something like, "I do love a good shit in the morning before watching some cartoons."
i agree that when i was writing my uni statement, passion (and words to it effect) became average words, but you cant not do it because everybody else is too. + i've still not got any offers yet hahaha :/
but yeahthe only thing im truly passionate about right now is my girlfriend
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Rate my playing skills please.
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it really did to me, now I really appreciate the simple things in life.

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Wine, women and song.
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i would say that i'm pretty passionate about UK basketball (especially this year!!! ), dallas football and Jesus...

i'm such a winner...

edit: oh yeah, and metallica!
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Guitar playing and getting into MI and furthering my music career from there. So music would be my passion.
I'm fairly obsessive about music and take it very very seriously, so i'd probably say I am passionate about it. I'll hopefully get to the point where i'm passionate about philanthropy, but i'm a poor 17 year old so that's much chance of that at the moment.
i think everyone gets bored with the things they love once in a while, just go try something else for a little bit and you'll love it the same when you come back to it.
Travelling and women I guess.
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i think everyone gets bored with the things they love once in a while, just go try something else for a little bit and you'll love it the same when you come back to it.

It's not that I had a feeling which is now gone. It's something I could never relate to.

I could never practice guitar 10 hours a day. That would be a chore, and I'd quickly start to hate it. It would become a part of the obligatory daily routine that I was using the guitar to trying to get away from in the first place.
I'm truly passionate about playing guitar, making music, listening to music and engulfing myself in music.

Also, family, friends and maybe some political views. Also I'm slightly passionate about food.
There's nothing that I'm passionate about all the time, but there's always that day/hour/5 minutes when something is just amazing and makes me love life.
the groove and the family o mine.
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theres a kid in my class named passion and im sure she gets hungry sometimes, so yes









Women, Travelling and partying.
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