I have a schecter c-1 fr and I am wondering if the duncan designed pickups i have on it are any good. I play lots of heavy metal and a few clean riffs here and there( I know that actives arent the best at cleans but I am willing to give a little).

I was thinking of switching to emgs but Idk.

also, Idk if i should get a new amp. I have that crap line 6 spider iii 15 gc scammed me into and I am looking for a good tube amp. somewhere around like 300.
Don't bother changing your pickups yet. Save your money for a better amp than what $300 could buy. The Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 is very promising.
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the duncan designed PUPs are meh, but theyre pretty darn good, you shouldnt really be using actives through a SS modelling amp anyways...

active pickups are meant to intessify the signal the pickups pickup and amplify it before it gets to the power amp section of a tube amp, pushing the tubes more and giving you a heavier hotter sound,

i say save up more and il get back to you with amp choices, but there is a gear for metal thread floating around, its pretty indepth and amazing, kudos to WTF!isaTAB and anyone that helped him out
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There is no use swapping pickups when playing through a Spider. Get yourself a good amp. The Duncan Designed pickups are supposed to be an exact replica of the real deal. Built to the same exact specifications, just built in Korea instead of the US to save on cost.
Get a new amp first, the spider III won't let the pickup characteristics come out properly anyway.
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is this a joke? new amp

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is this a joke? new amp

Wow, thanks. I was asking for which one I should get, not a remark like this.

Anyway, I guess I will start getting a new amp. Looking for a tube amp that will be great for practicing and gigging. Price isn't a limit(scratch the 300 limit i had).
what genres do you play (heavy metal isn't very illuminating)? willing to buy used?

pretty much read my sig and respond
By metal I mean thrash, metalcore, like pantera and metallica to killswitch engage.

So I dig the scooped eqs and pretty high gain(Not too much gain were i constantly get feed back, but just enough to melt a face playing a solo)

Sorry fer teh kwestions but how are the Metal muffs? I saw a clip on youtube and was very impressed.

Budget for amp: 400-500
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Wow, thanks. I was asking for which one I should get, not a remark like this.

Anyway, I guess I will start getting a new amp. Looking for a tube amp that will be great for practicing and gigging. Price isn't a limit(scratch the 300 limit i had).

Just got a Blackheart Handsome Devil Combo myself. Couldn't be happier. You'll need an OD for metal though...

EDIT: Just saw your bands there. Maybe the Devil wouldn't be for you without a metal muff or something similar. The amp would suit calssic metal and heavy rock better, even cranked with an OD, it's not really voiced for modern metal.

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If price is no option, go with a Peavey Triple XXX or 6505. You can find the XXX used for like 500 or the 6505 for about 6-700. They're both great for metal, the 6505 more so, but the XXX has much better cleans. If you don't want to go used, the 6505 has a 112 combo for about 600.
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I'd look into a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 or a used Peavey 5150/6505 (same amp, different name). Bugera 333, 333XL, 6260, 6262 are also good options, but are unreliable.
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