My Ibanez srx2ex1 has a pretty cheapo bridge on it, (the B100) and it has been rattling like crazy since I got it. I've taken it all apart and then put it back together making sure to tighten it well. It's not fret buzz; I can stop the buzzing if I push on the saddles/strings with my fingers. The strings are standard d'addarios and are only a couple weeks old.

Do you think it's just inherent of this bridge or could it be the strings vibrating inside of the core?
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If you can stop it by pushing on your saddles, then your action adjustment screws probably aren't set even. There are two screws on each saddle, you must have them set evenly, because if one of the screws is set lower than the other, you will get buzz from that saddle.
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i tried setting them even, i tried setting them lopsided, i tried just about everything. and they still buzz. its not all that loud, but its enough to make me not like it. is a little buzz on a bass normal? maybe i should return for a better bass?
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It might be caused by the way the bridge saddles are fitted to the main (intonation) adjustment screws that hold them in place. The bridge saddles might not have been fitted properly at the factory. Poor machining on a cheap bridge causes this irritating problem. Unfortunately, it would not be worth fixing the bridge if this is the problem. You might just want to look into swapping it out for a new bridge from Leo Quan, Gotoh or Hipshot. The Gotoh in particular isn't expensive and is a good, solid bridge. Hell, even Fender's new Vintage High Mass bridge is just a minor modification of the Gotoh design.
Well I've come to the conclusion that its not the bridge.

I can press all i want on the bridge in different places and it does not fix the buzz. It does it on all the strings. I cannot figure out where this sound is coming from. It's very irritating though.
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