I have a ESP LTD Ec-1000 (Eclipse) with 2x Emg 81's and I'm looking to change the neck pickup. I know the newer Ec's come with 81/60 combo but I'm not sure that's what I want. I want something unique. I mostly play metal/hard rock and all forms. But I also play alot of clean and classic rock so I play a wide array of music. I feel that the 81/60 combo wouldn't give me that range I'm looking for because the EMGS tend to be muddy. However, I love the 81 in the bridge position. Now I just need something for the neck to switch to when I need too that will meet my styles of music. Also if I were to go with a passive pickup (Not EMG) would I have to change my wiring around? How would I go about that?

What I'm asking is:
What would be a good pickup to pair with the EMG 81 to satisfy my needs?
If I were to go with a passive pickup would I have to change wiring?
And, how would I go about that?

A passive and active together is not a good idea, since there will be a big difference in the output of the two. I'd recommend switching both to passive. I think you'll enjoy them a lot more with the styles you mentioned.
I reccomend switching to passives. DiMarzio Super Distortion in bridge and PAF Pro in neck is a good combination.
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