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I think it's ugly as hell.

Well, i tend to enjoy things that are "ugly as hell".
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Its pure awesomeness, a guy at my school has one and I jizzed myself when I played it, I really would recommend getting it, I know I would had I not just got an Ibanez. I cant really give any specific feedback on how well it plays as it was for barely a minute, but I was impressed, he got it in the green and pink as well.
theres a rieview if you want (on UG)
go for it, nothingscreams FLEA more than this bass
man those things are ugly, I was looking at buying the black one because its the only normal looking one... in terms of sound though its not bad at all
It's not bad at all, but with $500 you could probably do better, especially if you go used. I personally wasn't impressed, but you may love the feel of it. Most definitely try it if you can.
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgnHu3mr3ns - this fella uses it in some of his recent cover videos. Sounds very good and looks fairly good in that green and white colour. I have no idea how it plays personally though.

Yeah I really like that guy and his covers. But TS, be aware that he uses different pick-ups on that guitar. I think they're active.

I tried one out yesterday. It had a pretty good sound, felt alright but it wasn't really 'me.' You should probably try it out first.

EDIT: I guess you can hear for yourself here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MonpZ0o0RuU
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The neck joint is crap.
And I think it´s fugly xD
"Black gives way to more black."

I have UG Black Style and I can barely read my signature.

Also, I like black.

Ew, Looks goddamn horrible, whatever happened to his Modulus'? They're called something different now, like Funk Master or something.
^Flea and Modulus parted ways and he's not even on the artist page anymore.

His goal with the Flea bass was to provide a quality student instrument for younger players. I think the price is a bit high for that range and the colours are a bit garish, but his hearts in the right place, nonetheless.
It doesn't look great, but i might play one on saturday so ill report back then with a review. On looks i wouldnt buy one for sure,
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My bass teacher said he recently had the chance to play one. His opinion was the playability was ok, but the sound was good. For a $500 bass it competes with some of the other better basses in the same price range.
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The 2 best colours EVER pitted against each other? No wai!

I voted lime.

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btw lime kicked ass

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Where's the review? I can't seem to find it, and this bass looks really interesting.