Hi everyone...I am trying to learn Twilight Of The Thunder God solo by Amon Amarth..So who can tell me the best way to learn big shreds...I can play a lot of solos like Arch Enemy or Metallica solos but i am having a problem of how to learn large shreds

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break it down into parts and learn it slowly over time.
there's no fast easy way it just requires dedication.
By practicing them over and over again. There's no trick. Splitting it up into 2-4 bar segments is helpful. Other than that, it's good old-fashioned hard work.
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Repetition is the obvious answer but there's some things you can do to help yourself. One is breaking it down into bite sized pieces and learning each one completely and then slowly but surely putting it all together. The other thing you could try is looking at the tab and determining what scales the riffs are built along. Recognizing the shapes and patterns makes it many times easier to play hard stuff. You can just say to yourself "ok, it follows this pattern and it starts here" and go from there.
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What the other people said. What I like to do before I break a solo into peices to learn them, is just to play the solo fo a few days,just to get the feel of it. Once you get the idea of the movements and position chages, break it down into small parts, and use a meteronome